3x 30 !

Friday last week I went to a big party, the birthday party of one of my brothers (Jan) and two good old friends of his (Michael and Matthias), who all just turned 30

It was a great party in many terms. Nice (finger) food ;-) Nice ladies, loads and loads of dancing (I was all sore the next day, and that rarely happens), so thanks for organising it, guys! Also, this was a great opportunity to only see a lot of people from old times (you always know your brothers’ friends fairly well too, and I haven’t seen most of them for a good decade!) and my family again.

As a surprise (even I didn’t know of it!) my dad drove all the way up from Stuttgart (on the other end of Germany) and my other Brother (Daniel) was there too. I eventually managed to convince my brothers into a little photo with the three of us together, which I like a lot (and it’s the first of its kind in a about a decade too!).

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9!

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