Papers, papers, papers

Oh boy, so many papers to shift through… Not only that, but two more books, a seminar to prepare and a paper I would like to contribute to the 2007 RoboCup…

Plus there is so many things to do every day in Berlin. The city never sleeps, the opportunities for some cool night time undertaking never cease to be pop up… So many people to meet, so many concerts to go to, so many pubs to stop by. Oh, how I love that city.

If only I didn’t have to get up half past seven the next morning. But that’s part of growing up I guess. More things to do, less time for it, more responsabilites, less room for trivial stuff. But why not, I like it. That’s what we’ve all been working towards, right?

It’s always humbling to remember that anytime you think you’ve gotten away with something, you really haven’t.

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