Skype recording on a Mac

As described in ample detail (but in German) over at the forums, here is a little diagram illustrating how to record a skype (gizmo, ichat, sightspeed, etc.) call and your own voice with Garageband, only using free software tools. This is not as straightforward as I thought, and to the best of my knowledge this is the only solution at the moment that won’t cost you any money.

The idea is to use Soundflower, which creates a virtual 16 channel audio device. In there you stick (1) the audio from your VOIP application (say into channel 1 & 2) by using Soundflower (16ch) as audio output device as well as (2) your own microphone (say into channel 3 & 4) via the tool “LineIn“. You have to do it this way since Garageband only allows the selection of a single input device…

In order to hear your partner on the other end of the line you use “Soundflowerbed” (which comes with Soundflower) to tap into the virtual audio device. That’s it, simple as that :-)

A big thank you to the creators of “Soundflower” and “LineIn” for making these useful tools, and for making those tools donationware.

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