A700 / A900 / A99 Interval Timer for Tethered Time Lapse

As a follow-up to my attempts described here — that is use the Sony Remote Camera Control (on a Mac) to take n pictures at specified intervals — I finally came up with a (free) solution!

The problem was that the app seems to be so badly programmed (for instance, there is the issue with the graphics) that it’s neither Applescript-able nor UI-scriptable. It doesn‘t even have a single keyboard shortcut — why at least can‘t I take a picture with the space key?? Anyway, so I had to resort to the Automator with its new “Watch me do” functionality (plus a little bit of Applescript), and it finally works! Here is how you can profit from it too:

  1. Download this archive
  2. Put the two files into “/Applications/Sony Image Data Suite”
  3. Connect your Alpha 700, 900, 99 … (in Remote Connection mode) and start the “Remote Camera Control” App
  4. Make all your photographic settings and adjustments
  5. Open “Interval Timer”
  6. Run the script

Of course you’re welcome to modify things, this is just a very elementary, quick & dirty approach. If you have any suggestions for this, please let me know.

UPDATE: Used this technique today (1 pic every 10s, 600 in total). Check it out on youtube.

I was so drunk, I couldn’t even pee attention.


  1. Hi,

    very good. Seems way easier and cheaper then a remote.
    Wierd that the interval recording isn’t in the a700 as standerd.

    But i’m havin’ trouble making it work.

    I’m connecting camera, opening sony image data suite, running script – but then nothing happends.. What am i doing wrong?


  2. Hey Flo!

    Alles fit?

    Was ist denn eigentlich mit deinem Blog? Hab’ gesehen, dass du schon lange kein update mehr online gestellt hast. Bin jetzt Gymnasiallehrer.

    All the best,


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