Late at night in Cork

Two French Girls late at night in Cork, Ireland, 2007

So here we go with the first photo in my re-baptised (photo)blog, chosen for no particular reason to be the first other than pure randomness.

I took it last year in November in Cork when we went down there with the International Students’ Society. The two kewl looking girls are actually two French Erasmus students that came along, and they were just having a cigarette outside the hostel when I was returning from a little pub crawl. Seeing this streetphotography-ish scene, I asked them if they’d mind if I took a photo — which they did not — and so I pulled out my bean-bag, put the camera on it without much framing, set the aperture to ƒ/4, upped the ISO a bit, enabled the self-timer and kindly asked the girls to freeze for the half second long exposure (just like in the old, old times…).

The photo came out surprisingly good, well exposed, nicely focussed and sharp — the girls really did freeze well :-) Given the rushed nature of the shot (didn’t want to bother them too much) and the amount of alcohol I had in my blood I really like the result. Post-processing basically just involved the somewhat aggressive B/W conversion and the “chemical” split toning (blueish highlights, greenish shadows) plus some vignetting, all done in Lightroom.

PS: When you click on the picture you get to see a bigger version of it!

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