A lamp outside our appartment, Maynooth, 2009

Please don’t try to find any pattern in my posting. After that rather serious post yesterday here’s something more photographic, or shall I say “abstract”.

If you haven’t peeked yet, what do you think it is …? Exactly, it’s a lamp just outside our apartment (there is a few of those lighting the path). Today I thought: Florian, you need to take more photos. So, I randomly decided to focus on shapes for the next couple of days to come. I poped my 135mm prime on my camera to make things a bit easier, as the long focal length helps to focus on one thing at a time).

I took this shot only a few hours ago, coming home tonight after work. It’s main feature relies on an old trick to make things more dynamic: Place things on one of the diagonals of the frame. Apart from that, there’s those lovely smooth curves.

Although it looks like I’ve messed with the colours, I haven’t at all this time. Just a deliberately wrong white balance (the camera was still set to incandescent light; when I imported the picture into LightRoom I decided to just leave it as it was as it looked kind of interesting ). The slight vignette came naturally from the lens (shot wide open on a full frame camera…), so I didn’t do that either. A very raw RAW so to speak ;-)

Ok, what else is there to say? Well, the extremely shallow focal plane (mathematically, it amounted to 2mm depth of field!) was placed off-centre as to get the point of interest away from the middle and thus make things more interesting to look at.

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