Big Brother

Big Brother is Watching You at UCC, Cork, 2009

I still haven’t gotten around posting any photos from our recent weekend trip to Cork, a lovely city in the south west of Ireland.

On our sightseeing walkabout we also went past the campus of the University College Cork (UCC). When we came past the student residences, I couldn’t believe what I saw: In the centre of a circle of buildings was this “christmas tree” of no less than six CCTV cameras…! [By the way, CCTV stands for “Closed Circuit TeleVision”].

Well, let’s hope this much surveillance is really necessary, and helps prevent oh so many crimes…

In terms of photography, this was pretty straightforward thing. Shot at an angle to create some more tension, I processed it to sepia tones as it was a grey, unspectacular day. I underexposed carefully not to blow out the sky, and had the aperture closed down to ƒ/10 to get a maximum amount of detail and reduce lens flare in this backlight situation. Finally a few selective dodge and burns here and there were needed to bring out the cameras a bit more.

PS: More photos from the Cork trip here.

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