Photo taken for the HappyShooting assigment “weich”, Maynooth, 2009

Reminiscent of my strobist ambitions a while back here’s a photo I shot recently for the HappyShooting assigment “weich“.

The idea was to show a boiled egg dropping onto the ground and shedding its skin. So I boiled an egg, peeled it very carefully, arranged the skin and dropped the egg onto it. The overall set-up and making-of of the photo can be seen here.

In more detail: I chose an oven tray as “stage” in order to get a slight reflection (you know I like reflections); the egg was lit using a combination of flashes and some continuous light. The latter was meant to show a bit of motion blur, the former to freeze the picture and provide some clarity and sharpness. In hindsight, I should have had an even longer exposure time and a tad more continuous light in order to get a longer and more visible motion “trail”, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have too much time to fiddle around.

As background I used a black shirt of mine, and since all of the light was coming from the flashes I got this naturally black background, without any extra post-processing. In fact, there is zero PP in this picture — what you see here is the out-of-the-camera result!

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