Event photos

“Remembering Rose”, Maynooth, 2009

Having taken the promotional shots for “Remembering Rose”, I also went to one of the performances to take some photos of the “action”.

In one word: Awesome. A really great play / script / performance altogether. I really hope this play has a “future” beyond three performances here in Maynooth. But I heard that they will be competing with it at some biggish theatre festival. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Photographywise — well, I already had a post about event photography, and there’s not too much to add here, apart from one thing: It always helps (if possible) to have someone next to you who can give you a “heads up” when there will be some sudden, unpredictable action. This way, you can prepare yourself (switch lens, dial in faster shutter speeds, etc.), prefocus and be ready for it. In my case, Steffi was next to me and gave me a few such clues (she knew the play as she had a small walk-on role in it), which really helped!

PS: Photos from the night here.

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