For dwarfs

Emergency exit for dwarfs, Cork, 2009

While this photo is not the most spectacular shot in the world, it documents something rather funny. One for the “Boing Boing” category, so to speak.

For some reason, the folks over at the Kinlay House Hostel in Cork thought that the emergency exit signs don’t need to be too large, and don’t have to be hung up at eye level either.

Rather, it looks like the emergency signage was conceived for dwarfs, as the signs were tiny (maybe 2×3 inches?) and just a few inches off the ground.

Lesson to be learnt here may include:
– in Cork, it pays to be vertically challenged ;-)
– when you walk around, keep your eyes open for funny things
– small things are best photographed up close, from a low standpoint, and with other objects in the frame to give something to compare the sizes with (although I didn’t quite manage here as I didn’t feel like crawling around on the dirty floor to check the framing).

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