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RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture publications, Stuttgart, Germany, 2008">Picture used for <i>RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture</i> publications, Stuttgart, Germany, 2008

Today’s photo has been taken at a Poetry Slam in Stuttgart, just over a year ago. I was visiting Steffi (who was doing her internship at the time) and we had decided to go to one of the slams in the Rosenau which that hosts them regularly. I took a few pictures at the event, all excited to test my Minolta 100mm ƒ/2.8 macro as well as the KonicaMinolta 28–75mm ƒ/2.8, both of which I had just bought on eBay and gotten them delivered to Steffi to save on the shipping.

When I got back, I processed the pictures and posted them, as usual, on my flickr account. I also sent the artists (that had performed on the night) links to their pictures — to make them aware of the fact that I posted them (in case they mind), and maybe to sell them. In the end, I didn’t sell any, but offered them for free to the project, as it turned out to be non-profit (which I didn’t know at first). They were glad to be able to use some of the photos for their websites and other promotions. As a small thank you, I got a few free tickets.

However, the best bit was that one of the more “stock” like pictures was used in a number of print publications for RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture events as well as on their website. This was the first time one of my photos was published — and I was all to happy to “license” the picture to this non-profit organisation. I would never have thought it when I first took the picture, so watch out, maybe one day you’ll get an email with people kindly asking permission to use one of your snaps…

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  1. I met Andreas Zoellner in Las Vegas two weeks ago, and I wanted to show him the photo of Andrea you published two months ago (I was also astonished by the resolution of your camera). So we opened your blog and started scrolling down.
    When we passed this entry, Andreas immediately recognized this picture. And I had not even told him that you are the guy who was with us during the Poetry Slam, so I just called you “a friend”. I was completely astonished. Since nobody of us had read the text, my answer even was “Probably it’s not from Stuttgart — that was a long time ago and Flo takes a lot of pictures of stage events”, but it turned out that Andreas was right.

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