Your Morning

“Your Morning” assignment, Maynooth, 2008

The previous post inspired me to write about this picture here. (Eggs => breakfast => “Your Morning”, an assignment given pretty much exactly a year ago by the Digital Photography School Blog.)

It was shot, again, for an assigment. At the time I was still living in my dull student flat on campus, and my mornings — thanks to an boring elaborate routine were rather identical. My breakfast consisted of toast, Nutella® and cheap orange marmelade (thick cut!) plus a tea chosen at random from the set {peppermint, rose hip, chamomile, fennel}.

To capture my most exciting start-of-the-day, I grabbed the Peleng 8mm fisheye, set the camera (my Alpha 700 at the time, with it’s APS-C sized sensor) on a tripod and took a few timer-delayed shots of me holding the plate directly above it.

So I guess what makes this photo interesting (it actually won the assignment!) is the combination of unusual perspective (straight up) and the distortion caused by the fisheye lens. Using a handy desaturation trick I made the colours a bit colder / duller, with only a few colour accents left (the trick consists of desaturating the picture with the “Vibrancy” slider, not the “Saturation” slider in the CameraRaw module / LightRoom).

PS: I’m on a much healthier diet now that I don’t live alone anymore ;-)

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