Be ready

Concrete jungle, Maynooth, Ireland, 2009

After the rather extensive last post, here’s a slightly shorter one. At least with a shorter morale: “Be ready”.

Well, to be ready to photograph any interesting things you might come accross in your daily routine, you’ll need a camera to capture it. Unless you have a semi-decent camera in your cellphone / mobile / handy, you’ll thus need to bring one along everywhere you go, since you never know what’s going to happen.

Ever since I got the small FujiFilm Z20 I try to keep it in my jacket — of course with it’s battery charged and with at least some space left on the memory card. That way, whenever I see something curious, beautiful, ugly, puzzling or whatever, I can take a photo.

What you see above is a lonely plant in the middle of a parking lot, fighting to survive (I guess) or just hanging out. I tried to go low again to give some perspective and background information on where the photo was taken, intentionally including a few the road marking. A bit of vignette, desaturated colours and there you go. An impression of the “concrete jungle” of modern days.

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