Photos of children

A colleague's son, Maynooth, Ireland, 2007

Here’s another practical tip for you all. When you take photos of a child, get all the way down to their eye level! This will give you some amazing perspectives plus you’ll have a fun time dodging greasy, gooey fingers that are trying to touch the magically attractive front element of your lens :-)

I’m sure you can image that when you take a photo of a small child from your adult’s perspective, you’ll end up getting a picture that a) makes the small child look even smaller, b) usually doesn’t properly show its face, c) instead provides you with ample vistas of the ground (and not the actual surrounding) and d) is just plain boring because that’s how you perceive the world anyway, every day.

So next time you’re photographing the little ones, down at least to their eye level, if not lower — even if this means laying flat on the ground.

PS: The kid on the photo is the lovely and completely adorable son of a colleague of mine.

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