Golden Hour

Golden Hour at the “City of Arts and Sciences”, València, Spain

Back from our little honeymoon, here’s a new post with a fresh picture from València (Spain).

I took this photo on the social “outing” from the POSTA ’09 conference, where we visited the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences), an area right in the city where different buildings, such as opera, science museum, IMAX, etc. compete for the most futuristic look. It quite reminded me of Brasília (the capital of Brazil).

Anyway, today’s tip is to take as many photos as you can when you’re in the so-called Golden Hour, the time just before sunset (or just after sunrise, if you fancy getting up early). This gives you some wonderful light to play with and take amazing, moody shots and portraits of people.

Watch your white balance though (!), make sure your camera (when set to automatic) doesn’t compensate for the warm colours, resulting in too neutral a feeling. Either manually set the white balance to something around 7500°K, or use the “sunset” mode / picture style or whatever it may be called.

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