Minolta 85mm F1.4 G Adobe Lens Profile

For now that’ll be it (all the other lenses I use have been profiled by other people already) — the last lens in my series of Adobe Camera Raw Lens Profiles is my favourite “portrait machine”.

It’s the Minolta AF 85mm F1.4 G fast prime, profiled on a Sony Alpha 900 (DSLR-A900) body. However, this profile should also work well for its other Minolta versions as well as when mounted on an Alpha 850 body.

I shot the following series: 8 Apertures [1.4, 2.0 2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.0, 11.0, 16.0] x 3 Focus distances [0.85m, 2m, 6m], resulting in a total of almost 200 pictures used in the calibration process. Again, the ZIP file contains a bunch of different files — one that contains all the sub profiles in one file, as well as three separate files for the different focus distances (since you can’t select sub profiles in LightRoom at the time of writing).

And again, there’s more. As a goodie I’m also throwing in my DNG colour profile for this lens (again, mounted to an A900), measured both for tungsten and day light (using a MacBeth ColorChecker and Adobe’s DNG profile editor) which should give you much more accurate colours than using the default profiles supplied by Adobe.

Download Minolta 85mm F1.4G profiles

As you may know, creating such profiles takes a considerable amount of time and large prints of the calibration charts as well as a colour checker. If you find these profiles useful, please consider a small donation (conveniently via PayPal):

Thank you!

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