Analogue Feel

Sophie backlit, Maynooth, Ireland, 2010

I think I mentioned this in the past, but (provided you shoot RAW) you can save a lot of images. Take this one for instance, which was badly underexposed (I wanted to take this picture quickly, but the camera was still in manual mode and the exposure was set for an outside scene).

Anyway, usually I delete pictures like that right away in camera, but when the little one’s in it, I try not to be too delete-happy — you never know.

And indeed, bringing the exposure up three stops (!) and thanks to the amazing dynamic range of modern digital cameras, there she is. Of course, pushing the exposure by this much brings in a ton of noise, but remember the old trick of turning the image black and white in such cases, and it usually won’t be that bad. To the contrary, it gives this lovely “analogue” charme to the picture.

I will post a few more pictures / notes about backlighting, but like in this shot I’m a big fan of a strong light source (read: sun) peaking from behind the main subject, producing some light spill / flare and, more importantly, some a nice, defining rim light.

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