College Chapel


=> Chapel, St. Patrick’s College Maynooth in NUI Maynooth.

Quite fitting to my three-part interview with the German Podcast “Happy Shooting, here’s my second-highest resolution panorama sofar — the inside of the beautiful College Chapel of the St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth.

This was shot with a regular lens, set to 24mm. This meant taking 29 images, three rows of 9 plus one up, one down.

It took a bit longer to shoot than expected… The place is typically empty — you can just walk in, if you know where to go and when the doors are not locked, but since it isn’t heavily advertised and Maynooth doesn’t really have hundreds of thousands of tourists running around, you hardly ever find someone else in the chapel. But that one day when I wanted to shoot this panorama, people out of nowhere constantly walked in and around. And asked questions. And tryed to not be in the picture, while, well, still being in the picture… But anyway, it all went well in the end and after a couple of hours of stitching, it was done!

Yay :-)

PS: Apparently, this place has the largest number of choir stands around. Everything needs a superlative, doesn’t it?

PPS: Merry belated Christmas!

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