NUIM Volleyball Club, Maynooth, 2010

The title of this post refers to somewhat of a hype of recent years — use a bunch of small, portable flashes to light a scene in an interesting, unusual way.

Well, calling this a “hype” is probably too pejorative as there are tons of brilliant images coming out of this philsophy. Just check the blog of the “father” of strobism David Hobby.

So I wanted to try it out at some stage, and decided to do so with this group shot of last year’s university volleyball team (that I used to be in, but not anymore for lack of time). I used two flashes situated about two meters to the left and right of the camera, and triggered them wirelessly from the camera. As this is probably the simplest setup imaginable, I don’t dare calling this a great stobist set-up, but at least it’s in the spirit ;-)

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