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  1. I didnt know it cus be exported as a cube n then reImported n rendeed back as Spherical!
    I use PTGUI n AutoPano(doesnt support CR2-raw).
    Thanks for this tip, I had seen this video of yours a year back, kind of accidentally, n I didn’t know how to get rid of the tripod/base, I have made my own Pano Head, using spares from video lighting-gear.
    I always assumed that one requires a “pro-Pano head” to get the nadir too,
    Btw. I just bought a Tamron 10-24mm n I was looking for “the ideal no. Of photos required”
    I know minimum is 12 (6 at pitch 45* (the Zenith has to b part of all the shots. N
    6 at pitch -45* includes nadir in all photos,
    I guess this is the best use of the 100* FoV of the Lens.(horizontally)
    I would prefer to take a complete 360 at pitch 0 (middle position) as most of “action” happens in the middle of frame, n it takes 6photos,
    Plus 2 for Zenith at pitch 90(upwards) at 90* to each other, ie. 12 o clock to 3 o clock
    Plus 2 for Nadir Pitch -90.
    But it’s very prone to leaving out the edges of the Zenith n the Nadir shots.
    I am going to try again (6mid row, 3-4zenith 3-4nadir n 1 for replace the tripod/head)
    but this time 3-4 shots for Zenith and Nadir I wanted to figure out the best angle ?
    Idea is to minimise effort (and faster to shoot)
    Also PTGUI is not being able to detect any control points for most of the shots, Autopano is better, but somewhat limiting that PTGui.

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