PANTONE is a nice company

I’d like to quickly report a great customer service experience.

About 4 years ago, I got myself a PANTONE huey to colour-calibrate my monitors. This is particularly important for photographers as it ensures that your monitor accurately reproduces colours. It comes in two version, the regular one, and the PRO version.

Now sadly there was a bit of an issue with mine, and sometimes the calibration would result in a slightly pinkish monitor image. Only sometimes however, and it was relatively easy to detect. Anyway, I read on some forum that you can write to PANTONE about it, and so I did, about a week ago.

Today UPS dropped off a brand new huey from them… No questions asked, and they even upgraded me to the PRO version (which costs a good bit more than the regular version I originally purchased) for free — not sure if this was a mistake or intentional.

In any case, that’s what I call decent customer service, and because they made me so happy, I’m writing about it here.

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