HDR Pole panorama

I haven’t spoken much about my panoramic photography on this blog, but, well, panoramic photography is basically the reason why it has been so quiet around here. Well, apart from parenthood.

Anyway, I hope to show off a few of my panos here, and maybe write a word or two about them. I worked out a way of conveniently embedding the panoramas from pano.ie in here.

The one below was shot a couple of months back in Tasmania. It was my first handheld HDR pole panorama, so a panorama created with my high dynamic range workflow (based off ±2 EV brackets), and shot from a Nodal Ninja Travel Pole.

More details about the panorama here.


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  1. l like this shot but am really curious about what camera and lens you used to shoot this. I assume it would be hard to hold a heavy DSL steady for these shots

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