Curriculum Vitae

Please note: Below is but a short and rather informal overview. May be check


2021Teams Administrator Associate (Microsoft 365 Certified)
2019‑pres.ITK Communications, Berlin, Germany (Head of Infrastructure & Development)
2019RIPE Database Associate (RIPE Network Coordination Centre)
2017“Aspirant” (IP-Only internal Leadership Development Program)
2016JNCIA (Juniper Networks Certified Associate – Junos)
2016‑2019IP-Only, Uppsala, Sweden (Team Leader, Service Activation)
2014CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
2014CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician)
2014‑2016Borderlight AB, Uppsala, Sweden (Fullstack Developer)
2012‑2013ResTech Pty Ltd, Newcastle, Australia (R&D Engineer)
2011‑2012Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland (Post-doc)
2011Doctor of Philosophy
2007‑2010Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland (Ph.D.)
2006‑2007Fachgebiet Regelungssysteme, TU-Berlin, Germany (Ph.D.)
2006Diplom-Ingenieur with “Summa cum laude”
2006‑2006Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems & Control, Newcastle, Australia (M.Sc.)
2005‑2006DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology, Böblingen, Germany (Internship)
2005‑2005Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland (B.Sc.)
2003‑2006Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
2002‑2004Max-Planck-Institut Magdeburg, Germany (Research Assistant)
2001‑2006Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (studying Cybernetics), Germany
2001Abitur and Baccalauréat (Collège Français de Berlin), Germany
1998‑1999AFS exchange year to Christchurch, New Zealand
1992‑1998Collège Français de Berlin, Germany
1988‑1992Primary School, Berlin, Germany


A list of my publications can be found here.


Native/bilingual proficiency in German, English, Swedish & French, as well as elementary proficiency in Spanish, Latin & (Ancient) Greek.

Random facts

Film roles

  • “Friedrichstadt-Palast”, director: Klaus Überall (1988)
  • “Karl May”, main role, director: Klaus Überall (1990)
  • “Von Herz zu Herz”, director: Ullrich Thein (1992)
  • “Das Gespenst von Flatterfels”, director: Rodica Döhnert (1995)

Voice overs

Various German TV and radio commercials for e.g. the “Europapark”, Coca-Cola, RTL II, Sat1, …


I’ve been working in the German dubbing industry since I was 5 years old (until I left Germany in my twenties). My voice has featured in a large number of movies, series and cartoons.

Leading roles e.g. in:
“Peter Pan 2 — Return to Neverland” – Peter Pan, “Nói Albinói” – Nói, “Digimon” – Tai, “Gen-Y Cops” – Alien, “Fear Of The Dark” – Dale, “Storytelling” – Scooby, “Leif Ericson” – Leif Ericson, “Little Giants” – Junior, “Le Grand Chef” – Eric
Supporting roles e.g. in:
“Stargate SG-1” – Jack O’Neill (as teenager), “Angel” – Connor, “Ping!” – Drac, “Seventh Heaven” – Mike Pierce, “Sexy Beast” – Enrique, “The Tribe” – Hawk, “Ship To Shore” – Ralph


If ever there is time left after family: programming, photography, web design and development, wing chun, swimming, volleyball, singing, drums, piano